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Quick, good, and cheap. They say you can only pick two. We say pick all three. By significantly improving the efficiency of your software developers and drastically cutting the time to market for new improvements through the use of our continuous update reliable delivery (CURD) philosophy, we ensure that you are always ready to respond to you customers’ ever changing needs.

The CURD philosophy

Imagine you have a new feature that will add an extra million dollars a month in sales, but it takes you six months to get it to market because of inefficiencies in your software development lifecycle (SDLC), when it could have been done in three. You have just lost three million.

Inefficiencies in a typical SDLC include waiting on sysops to build new testing environments, waiting on QAs to do testing, and waiting on your cloud devops to build delivery environments.

The four ingredients of CURD that help remove these bottlenecks are:

  1. A single automated end-to-end CI/CD pipeline that takes code that your developers produce to the cloud in the shortest possible time
  2. A single source of truth for all aspects of your stack through the use of infrastructure as code (IaC) and software defined networking (SDN), residing in your source repo with the code
  3. An architecture that meets at least the minimal set of Architecturally Significant Requirements (ASRs) of deployability, modifiability, testability, and monitorability
  4. A culture that encourages learning, adaptation and change

We have successfully applied the CURD philosophy to both greenfield projects and legacy applications ranging from gaming software to eCommerce applications.

Our open source tools for the community

On top of our consultancy work, we build and maintain open source tools to help the community. Pull requests are always welcome.

Rohana Rezel - Founder and President

Rohana, a self-taught polyglot both with computers (C, Python, Java, Javascript, Go and a few others) and with humans (English, Sinhala, Spanish, and Thai), is the father of the Rix language. Two decades of experience both as a developer and Linux sysadmin helped Rohana understand the problem facing the world of software development, prompting him to come up with the CURD philosophy as a cure. A prestigious Erasmus Mundus scholar with an MSc in Engineering from the University of Calgary and BSc degree in computer science from the University of Manchester, Rohana has helped clients ranging from EA to small startups to improve efficiencies in their SDLC.

Rohana is an avid Salsa dancer who founded Ruede de la Vida, a Casin de Rueda (Cuban Salsa) performance group that helps raise funds for charity. This year alone, the group helped raise funds for homeless youth in Vancouver, Syrian refugee resettlement, earthquake victims in Japan, and evacuees of the Fort McMurray fire.

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